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Rock Star Sculpture Ornament Garden/Home Decor

Rock Star Sculpture Ornament Garden/Home Decor

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Few people could have predicted that two powerful, successful and refreshing genres in the history of popular music would emerge from the late 1970s punk rock boom. They created a vast collection of singles and records that enriched the culture and enriched themselves far beyond their wildest dreams.

Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE, no real point to list all his achievements and contributions to humanity - if you recognized him you will know for sure that he is just a Fab, as simple as that

Known for his high, radiant tone and dramatic performance style, He was also a gifted songwriter who wrote many of greatest hits.

The soulful singer and frontman of the rock band was knighted at Buckingham Palace. Since then, he has gained a high status in the pop music world.

Size: 5 x 2.5 x 10
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