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Hot Air Balloon Solar Lantern - American

Hot Air Balloon Solar Lantern - American

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Elevate your outdoor décor with our Hot Air Balloon Solar Lantern.  This exquisite lantern beautifully marries patriotic aesthetics with timeless elegance. Crafted in the shape of a hot air balloon, its surface boasts the iconic design of the American flag, capturing hearts by day and enchanting sights by night. As dusk settles, watch in awe as the lantern automatically illuminates, emitting a mesmerizing flame-like glow that dances in the night. Harnessing the power of the sun, this eco-friendly lantern offers a brilliant display without the fuss of wires or batteries. Whether you're celebrating the Fourth of July, or simply expressing your American pride, this lantern promises to be the shining star of your décor.

in a lantern inspired by the vastness of American skies and the spirit of adventure.

Drawing upon the nation's rich history of pioneering and exploration, our design team sought to encapsulate the essence of America's dream. The hot air balloon, a symbol of freedom and boundless possibilities, combined with the enduring emblem of our flag, serves as a reminder of where we've been and the heights we still aspire to reach. Whether you’re reflecting on personal dreams or the collective aspirations of a nation, this lantern stands as a beacon of hope and progress. Embrace the story of ambition, journey, and discovery with every flickering flame.

Redefine eco-friendly garden decor with our products.

Sylaza is a pioneering brand specializing in solar-powered garden statues and lights, conceptualized by artist Felix Reid. Fueled by a profound commitment to sustainability and energy conservation, Felix embarked on crafting a product line that perfectly marries aesthetic allure with an eco-friendly ethos. The result is a distinctive collection of garden statues and lights that utilize solar energy, drastically cutting down on energy usage and championing a sustainable way of life. Committing to the use of premium materials and the integration of cutting-edge solar technology, Sylaza has positioned itself at the forefront of the green home and garden sector.

Size: Small: 6.2in, Large: 13.1in
Package includes: Hot Air Balloon Solar Lantern
Function: Decoration, Ambient Lighting
Manufacture Year: 2023
Power Source: Solar-powered, no need for electricity
Bulb: LED light with flame effect
Applicable For: Garden, Outdoor, Camping, Indoor
Waterproof Rating: IP6 waterproof level
Rust-resistant: Additional rust-proof treatment
Material: Metal

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